2019 Chivas Masters Global Final

2019 Chivas Masters Global Final

ENERGETIC – the perfect word to describe the 2019 Chivas Masters Global Final. From start to finish the event was engaging, entertaining and stimulating.

Held in Oval Space, London, Chivas ensured no part was left unbranded. Upon entry you received your Chivas wristband (which granted you a complimentary cocktail from each of the competing pop-up bars as well as drinks on entry), followed by a Chivas photo op and a row of Chivas branded casks as you moved towards your first Chivas cocktail of the evening…

IMG 4718

The balcony

Hayball: A taste of Speyside summer. Chivas 12 Blended with Hay & Chamomile Soda

Starting with drinks and nibbles on the balcony, the sunset over East London made for an atmospheric setting as we waited to be invited down to the bars. Appropriately, Haggis Bon Bons were served as well as Scottish salmon sushi. Our very own lukenbooth design featured on the wall as the focal piece and after one, or maybe two drinks, we headed downstairs to see what the finalists had created!

IMG 4725

The bartenders had been through a rigorous process to get to the final. Initially entrants were asked to create a self-inspired cocktail that ‘revealed their blend’ – an original cocktail that tells the story of who they are and what inspires them. Successful bartenders were then invited to compete at a national final. Selected finalists were then asked to represent their country at the Chivas Masters Global Final here in the UK.

The three finalists had 24 hours to create their themed bar extravaganza. The bartenders and their team then had to entertain and wow us with their bespoke flavour combinations and environments to try and win each of our votes (everyone who attended had one vote each). Across the board, each cocktail was considered, imaginative and in theme which placed even more emphasis on the bar executions.

Bar 1 – Pirouettes

Electrolight: Full body, revitalising with a herbal snap. Chivas Mizunara, Honey, Coconut, Pineapple and Anise.

Footloose: Crispy, groovy and fizzy. Chivas 12YO, Fragola, Fino Sherry, Fizz.

The Pirouettes were on point right from the start. Barman Sebastian Cichowlas (Dutch) created a playful, high energy retro themed bar which kept the crowd highly entertained. Amongst the inflatable unicorns and glitter balls, he himself added value to his creation as he chatted up the crowd and made sure everyone ended up with a menu in their hands.

IMG 20190902 WA0020

Bar 2 – Canopy

High on Frost: Cool, botanic, refreshing and light. Chivas Mizunara, Emo, Mastiha, Botanical Extract, Soda Water.

Tropic Thunder: Bold, creamy, rich cocktail. Chivas 12, Sandlewood, Muyu Jasmine, Tropical Essence.

June Baek (Singapore) created Canopy, a rain forest themed bar. Potted and hanging plants covered the backdrop and a blue haze set the tone. An added touch was the rain forest inspired serving ritual – a glass box containing ‘fresh’ rain forest scented water. Before being served your drink, you dipped your hand into the pool of water which released a botanical scent. A well thought out idea tapping into multiple senses.

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Bar 3 – Saúde x Mhath

Peat + Piña: Chivas 12. Fresh Pineapple Juice, Sea Truffle and Sherry.

Banana Burns: Chivas 18, Banana Vermouth, Benedictine and Bitters.

The final bar was created by Gui Ferrari (Brazil). His #REGALFRUIT bar warmed up towards the end of the voting time when his team pulled out all the stops with exaggerating cocktail making whilst sitting on each other’s shoulders. An added touch was the sustainable looking screen-printed menu cards (the kind you steal and take home).

IMG 4756

The Winner – Pirouettes barman, Sebastian Cichowlas.

To finish off the evening we left with a branded Chivas goodie bag in hand containing a mini whiskey bottle and Change Please x Chivas Espresso Martini mix.