An immersive sensory experience: The Tanqueray Townhouse

An immersive sensory experience: The Tanqueray Townhouse

The Bloomsbury house was visible from far away, luring us in with a glowing green entrance. As we entered, we were handed our first G&T of the evening and made our up the grand staircase winding around a Tanqueray bottle Christmas tree. The first mini-activation was a gin boutique offering rare juniper-laced treats and Tanqueray gins in one-off, limited edition bottles as well as a calligraphers table where artists help you to design your own customised label, wax bottle seal and bespoke wrapping paper for your desired gin.

The first floor was an enormous lounge bar with contemporary décor and classic furniture. Mirrors, the windows and hundreds of Tanqueray bottles were used to reflect the lighting which transformed the setting completely.

The second mini activation in the lounge was an immersive look at the botanicals used to make Tanqueray gin, such as chamomile, juniper, coriander and angelica root.

Drinks on offer, created by knowledgable bar staff, ranged from the classics like Tom Collins to new concoctions like the Townhouse Negroni and the Bloomsbury Sour, all from a bespoke menu.

The top floor featured a library with books covering two centuries of Tanqueray’s history as well as the main feature; an aura room, where an ‘aura photographer’ used facial recognition technology to pick out a gin best suited to the drinker.

Here’s how it works: After having your polaroid taken we were able to deduce our aura according to a colour chart by the colour surrounding our faces in the photo. An added touch, was that you could take your polaroid to the bar and order a drink curated around your aura.

Another clever activation was a telephone in the corner of the room, inconspicuous and easily overlooked, which granted access to a secret bar for those lucky enough to hear it ring. Pick up the phone and you were led into the secret bar that uses science to concoct your perfect drink.

The hands on activities reflected Missouri’s own mantra and spirit – Don’t tell me, Show Me. A great source of inspiration for creative brand activation, the Tanqueray Townhouse tantalised all the senses through multiple sensory experiences to create a fun yet educational experience for all who attended.

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