Bentley Opens Personalisation Studio in Westfield London

Last week Bentley announced it’s opening a new personalisation studio in Westfield London, one of the city’s busiest, and most premium shopping destinations. The new studio places Bentley alongside the world’s leading fashion designers and luxury brands, and taps into the personalisation trend to create an immersive experience that educates customers about the craftsmanship involved in making Bentley’s cars – a central element to what the brand stands for. The studio’s interior design juxtaposes traditional materials used in Bentley cars, such as leather and wood, with an innovative app, Inspirator, which uses cutting-edge facial recognition technology to help customers to discover the car model that best suits them, and configure it to their individual tastes and needs. The app guides customers through an immersive film directed by their facial and emotional reactions to the video, and based on their engagement, captured through a camera on their devices, it recommends a bespoke Bentayga or Mulsanne. Cars are available at venue for customers who wish to view, or test drive models they’ve been suggested by the app. The Westfield studio also features a range of other Bentley products, from car miniatures to luxury handbags, that extends the Bentley lifestyle beyond the world of automobiles.