Bulk Market Brings Zero Waste Grocery Shopping to London

Bulk Market Brings Zero Waste Grocery Shopping to London

There’s a new popup in London that provides a much-needed alternative to shoppers who are concerned with the amount of garbage they generate.

Bulk Market, which is starting as a popup in Dalston, stocks more than 300 different items that taps into a series of consumer trends such as the desire to buy authentic products that do good to both the local community and the environment.

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‘People can learn how the food is made and where, all the way from field to table, and ultimately, to the bin. This idea came from my own needs. I wanted to support the right businesses and be able to shop without creating any waste, but there wasn’t anything like that in London. I’ve decided to take the leap”, says Ingrid Caldironi, the founder.

Bulk Market is having a soft launch from 26th August until 25th October, when it will be hosted in a permanent location in Hackney. The permanent store will ‘harvest’ wasted materials to refurbish the space, meaning Bulk Market will consistently apply its USP of minimal waste generation across every touchpoint – from the environment in which the shopping experience takes place to the goods it is selling.

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Bulk Market aims to provide everything needed to live a life as sustainable as possible – from dry goods to homemade pasta and DIY natural ingredients for beauty products. All whilst being completely free of use of plastic.Shoppers must bring their own containers to store, where they fill them up with the goods they want before paying for their products by weight.

Bulk Market applies the ‘5 Rs’ of sustainability to its business model – refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot (compost) to make the most of the resources available; the principles of the so called ‘Circular Economy’.

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