Sexyland: The Club Hosting 365 Opening Nights Per Year

A new members’ club, Sexyland, just opened in Amsterdam with the promise to host 365 opening night parties per year. Sexyland's mission is to celebrate Amsterdam’s cultural diversity through the variety of the events it hosts: each night a new person is invited to curate a different experience that fully transforms the club, making it feel like a brand new venue. Millennials and Gen Z's preference for consuming experiences has been discussed by marketers for some time now, but Sexyland differs from other clubs in that it takes a highly collaborative and experimental approach to experience creation: the club, which is owned by 365 people, outsources event creation from co-owners / members to provide infinite novelty. Such an approach makes Sexyland a brilliant example of what we call a 'Chameleon Space', which refers to a new breed of venues that ceaselessly mutate to give visitors brand new experiences every time. A calendar with events as diverse as opera nights, dancehalls, art exhibits and Ping-Pong tournaments is available on the website, and it's continuously updated for both members and the general public to keep track of what's going on. Co-owners pay an annual fee that allows them to use the venue for one day to host an open event to their own taste; that same fee gives them free access to all events organised by the other co-owners; non-members can purchase one-week membership packs for €2.50 to gain access to all events for that week.