Five beer brands that should be on your radar. Cheers!

Here at Missouri we’re big fans of beer and to celebrate International Beer Day we’ve put together a list of five beer brands that should be on your radar.

Best of both

Image by Nonny Beer

Nonny Beer makes a range of all-natural, craft non-alcoholic beers to support a healthy lifestyle. Founders Lane and Leigh “wanted to brew a beer that works for you rather than against you.” Not to mention their playful and distinctive pack design stands out from the crowd.

Game, set, match!

Image by Chestnut Sports Club

Chestnut Sports Club is a beer brand that’s been steadily capturing the attention of craft beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. This brand has carved a unique niche for itself by being a sports-inspired beer. Designed to be ‘playable’ Chestnut Sports Club beer is low volume enough to drink and play sport (if that’s your thing).

Après -ski please

Image by Jubel Beer

Jubel beer has quickly been marked as one to watch out for in the craft beer scene, and for good reason. Its birthplace is the exhilarating atmosphere of La Folie Douce, where après-ski antics reveal life’s little pleasures. Inspired by the vibrant combination of a pint of lager with a peach top, known as demi-pêche, Jubel has developed an entirely new style of beer that embraces the unexpected.

Back to tradition

Image by And Union

And Union beer pack design reflects the brand’s ethos perfectly; purity, rationality, simplicity. We love the packaging’s bold utilitarian style. AND Union Beer made the old-fashioned way, produced according to German Purity Law curating a beer with an honest expression of nature and quality.

Beer with purpose


The Queer Brewing Project otherwise known as the unofficial beer of Pride, provides visibility for LGBTQ+ people in and around beer. This project-turned-brewery is not just about crafting delicious, innovative beers; it’s about brewing with a purpose, and that purpose is fostering inclusivity and diversity in the beer industry.