Ikea’s Dining Club Popup Restaurant in Shoreditch

Ikea has launched a new pop-up restaurant in London’s Shoreditch where guests can prepare Scandinavian meals, under instructions of a chef, before sitting down to eat with up to 20 of their friends. IKEA combats the death of eating together with first DIY restaurantThe activation is grounded on Ikea’s insight that nowadays fewer people spend time cooking and eating together, so the pop-up has been designed to provide an experience that goes beyond just eating out with friends, and re-creates the atmosphere of an actual dinner party. The idea of having guests to actually cook their meals, instead of just eating, ensures the experience stays true to the DIY nature of the Ikea brand. Guests are also encouraged to broadcast their ‘dinner parties’ under the hashtags #MakeMoreThanJustFood and #TasteOfSweden. An Ikea homeware shop has been set up in the restaurant to sell kitchen products, as well as an Ikea kitchen showroom featuring units, fixtures and fittings. There’s also a ‘Food for Thought’ workshop section where master classes will be hosted by Great British Bake-Off winner Edd Kimber, and others covering topics such as Swedish baking and clean eating. The Dining Club runs 10-25 September, and it’s entirely free. However, guests must book a slot – for brunch, lunch or dinner – in advance.