“In-house” has taken on a whole new meaning

“In-house” has taken on a whole new meaning

Wow. What a whirl wind the last few weeks have been! Less than a month ago, Team Missouri was busy in the studio, open for business as normal. The days were getting brighter, the signs of spring were seeping through the Missouri windows and Shoreditch was full of life.

Sadly, the undeniable impact of COVID-19 was swiftly setting in… It seemed surreal as we packed up our monitors and said goodbye to each other and (our beloved studio) for foreseeable future.

But, in true Missouri spirit, we didn’t let this halt our flow; we were up and running the next day, set-up in our homes, connecting via video and on the whole, it’s been working pretty well! Thanks to our valued clients and dedicated team, we’ve been keeping busy on current projects as well as starting some exciting new ones.

Shoreditch high st station
(Shoreditch High Street Station, lunch time, March 2020)

With a fully functioning remote agency, here’s 3 things we’ve being doing in lockdown:

1. We’re Masters of Microsoft Teams

When working from home and social distancing, it can be hard to feel connected to one another. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, we’re in regular contact, kicking the day off with an all agency call to align on the day ahead. So, we don’t spend our entire lives on calls… which is something I’m sure a lot of people are witnessing… we’ve adapted our working style, keeping it short and concise, but always polite. This helps to keep our rhythm in check and our motivation high in these difficult times.

2. We’ve hosted a Virtual Baby Shower!

While many events have been cancelled, we’re making sure that important ones don’t get forgotten. On Thursday we held a ‘Virtual Baby Shower’, a first for all of us! We celebrated Inna, our Account Director and mum-to-be, with a Guess the Baby picture and music quiz.

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(Louise, our newest and youngest Missouri hire)

3. We’re proud to say we’ve got Cultural Capital

We’ve worked hard over the past couple of years to form a team who are truly accountable to each other, the agency and for the work we deliver. And it’s times like this that it truly pays off. The team are working harder than ever, having quickly adapted to WFH. Of course, we still raise a glass every Friday and we reflect on another week “in-house”.

Happy Home-Working! #StayHome #StaySafe

By Louise Balcombe (Account Executive)