1. Discarded

Discarded Banana Peel Rum is a brand taking ‘no waste’ into its own hands

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Discarded Banana Peel Rum is simply what is says on the bottle… rum made from unused banana peel from a flavour factory. The peel is dried out and left to ferment, and then steeped in alcohol for two weeks to enable “maximum flavour”. Afterwards, the rum and banana peel extracts are combined for another two days to complete the blending process.

2. Kin Euphorics

The No & Low trend is still here, and Kin Euphorics is giving you extra nourishment in a bottle

Euphorics (Source:

If you’re doing Dry Jan then this is one for you. Kin Euphorics is a non-alcoholic spirit made from nourishing nootropics, balancing adaptogens, and replenishing botanics that lifts the mind and relaxes the body to open the spirit to connection that can be used as a substitute to your standard gin or vodka.

3. Magnum Ruby

Natural and Instagrammable? Look no further than Magnum’s Ruby Ice Cream

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Unilever is leading the charge on ruby flavoured ice cream and is claiming to be the first CPG company to launch a ruby chocolate ice cream. Ruby is the fourth type of chocolate, coming from the naturally-occurring ruby chocolate bean and discovered by Belgian-Swiss cocoa company, Barry Callebaut. The company discovered how to process the dark-pink ruby chocolate which has a distinct tart taste reminiscent of berries.

4. Nudge

Nudge is paving the way for a new food category

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Instead of a bar of chocolate, how about a bar of coffee? The Whole Coffee Co has developed a method of using the whole coffee bean to make a bar of coffee. Combining ultra-finely ground roasted coffee beans with cocoa butter, this encapsulates the roasted coffee particles preserving their aroma.


NURVV Run’s Intelligent Running Insole – What’s driving the global fitness industry? Data

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The latest development in fitness tracking data for runners; showcased at CES 2020, NURVV Run’s 32 sensor running insole gives you unparalleled real time running data that can be used with any running shoe. With their end goal of helping runners be faster, more efficient and less injury prone, the insole provides data on stride length, cadence and pronation (to name a few).