1. Ikea x Ben Gorham

40% of people think their homes have a unique, recognisable scent

SMWH Ikea Candles
(Image from Ikea)

Nostalgia… a word on many people’s lips at the moment. Ikea have teamed up with Ben Gorman, owner of the Swedish fragrance house Byredo, to launch a new candle range; Osynlig (Swedish for ‘invisible’). The scents trigger childhood memories, comfort and intimacy.

2. Wonder Valley Olive Oil

Blurring the lines between beauty & food

SMWH Wonder Valley
(Image by Wonder Valley)

Wonder Valley Olive Oil boasts their skin oil will “pacify inflammation, ward off signs of ageing and is formulated to hydrate, beautify and revive all skin types through daily application.” Whilst their cooking olive oil “delivers a delicious dose of polyphenols, the powerful antioxidant associated with longevity of life.”

3. Pink Marmalade

Colour changing gin

SMWH Pink Marmalade
(Image by Pink Marmalade)

Pink Marmalade Gin is adding a little bit of colour to your evenings spent at home. When added to tonic, the gin magically turns from a cool blue to a rose pink.

4. APL

The shoe equivalent of performance enhancing drugs

(Image from APL)

Celebrating 10 years since launching, APL have released The APL Superfuture. Designed with a compression spring beneath the ball of your foot, the shoe amplifies the natural spring propelling athletes to slam dunk. Much like performance enhancing drugs, it offered athletes an unfair competitive advantage and was banned by the NBA.

5. Bespoken Spirits

The Nespresso machine for spirits

SMWH Bespoken Spirits
(Image by Bespoken Spirits)

The Founders of Bespoken Spirits will have traditional distillers turning in their graves. The company was founded on the premise of reproducing the taste of a barrel-aged whiskey, rum or brandy using precisely controlled modern science, technology and data, in three to five days.