1. Jose Cuervo

Worth a shot!

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Image by Jose Cuervo

To celebrate National Margarita day, Jose Cuervo crafted a unique fusion by combining the ingredients of a classic Margherita pizza with those of the iconic Margarita cocktail - a Margarita Margherita! Whilst these may seem like an unlikely pairing, blurring the lines between the two provided an opportunity to excite the brands’ core consumers and satisfy experimental foodies.

2. Palace Skateboards x Stella Artois

The perfect serve

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Image by Palace Skateboards x Stella Artois

With our much-anticipated return to the pub, London-based streetwear label ‘Palace Skateboards’ has collaborated with Stella Artois in their latest collection ‘Palace Artois’ to get our excitement brewing. Consisting of bucket hats, tote bags, tees, shorts, hoodies and coord sets, a partnership of its kind is an opportunity for alcohol brands to weave themselves further into consumers lifestyles and personal identity.

3. Getir now!

Saving yourself the h’anger

Image from Getir

As home delivery and convenience continues to be accelerated by the pandemic, London is the latest capital to be introduced to Getir, a Turkish start-up aiming to deliver groceries and corner shop goods within 10 minutes. Differentiating themselves from competitors, the new player is not just establishing themselves as an delivery service, they are competing for a place in the dark store sector, set to be the future of retail post pandemic.

4. Marc Jacobs

Energizing your complexion

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Image from Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is the latest brand to experiment with the convergence of functional food and drink ingredients within their beauty products. Its Spring/Summer makeup collection features a range inspired by our favourite energizer: coffee. The Extra Shot concealer and foundation welcomes edible ingredient caffeine, waking up tired under-eyes and dull-looking skin with 30 variations of its caffeine-infused shades.

5. Air Company, Air Vodka

Combating climate change

Air Company Air Vodka
Image from Fnatic

Air Company’s first consumer product Air Vodka is completely different from other vodka brands, achieving net-negative emissions, it is only made with two ingredients: water and carbon dioxide. Their technology, supported by renewable solar energy, transforms CO2 from the air into impurity-free alcohols that can be used in various consumer industries including spirits, fragrances, and sanitizers.