1. Stella Artois and Soleil Toujours

Sun safe fun

Image from Stella Artois

In celebration of the longest day of the year, Stella Artois partnered their seasonal solstice lager with Soleil Toujours to protect consumers from the high-level UV rays that the season brings. The beer brands collaboration into the skincare market comes in the form of a shimmer oil sunscreen with premium ingredients to provide colour and shine for people to enjoy a cold brew outdoors safely.

2. Corona

Pop-up sustainable beach bar

Image by Corona

Inspired by Corona’s latest campaign ‘From the Natural World’, the beer brand has created a ‘100% natural bar’ with sand, clay, wood, and bamboo – containing no plastic, metal, or concrete. Drawing on the insight that consumers are concerned about the negative effects on the planet from increased outdoor activities, the bar has been constructed to leave no impact with all elements being re-used, recycled, or returned to nature.

3. Lindeman’s Wines

Carbon neutral murals

Image by Lindeman’s Wines

To celebrate Lindeman’s carbon neutral certification, they’ve commissioned two air purifying murals designed to actively absorb CO2 over the next two years. Committed to supporting ongoing environmental issues, the artwork featured in London and Bristol uses paint, free from VOC’s, carcinogens or toxic substances to clean the city air that we breathe.

4. UV Vodka

Bring the light

Image by UV Vodka

Introducing a fresh new look for UV Vodka, the brand is ‘bringing the light’ to consumers and connecting their brand name with the product through their new bottle design using sunlight. When exposed to UV, the bottle’s surface reveals a spectrum of different colours, using sunlight-activated ink.

5. Magnum

Sensory experience

Image by Magnum

This month, Magnum launched the Magnum Pleasure Sensorium to celebrate their newest ice cream, Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire. Created in collaboration with food anthropologist Caroline Hobpkinson, the immersive tasting experience was designed to evoke and engage all the senses by taking you on a physical journey through the ice cream itself. The sensorium allowed you to discover your own ‘pleasure profile’, based on how the experience influenced your perception of taste, supporting the brand’s belief that pleasure has more than one layer.