1. Nike

Valentine’s Day Heartbroken Swoosh

Nike Air Force 1 Low Sage Broken Hearts CU4759 001 2 (Source:

February 14th is known for a lot of things, but not sneakers. Yet this year, Nike will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a beautiful special edition Air Force 1 Sage Low. So, if you felt the heartbreak this Valentine’s then these are the kicks for you.

2. Too Good To Go

Helping consumers fight waste on a budget

Too good to go header (Source:

The guys at Too Good To Go call themselves ‘Waste Warriors’. The Danish start-up is pioneering the way and helping consumers better manage and increase their understanding of ‘Eat By’ dates. Their food waste app allows you to snap up surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away by restaurants at hugely discounted prices.

3. Headspace x Barbie®

Wellness and self-care isn’t just for adults…

Wellness Barbie Collection FBShare (Source:

In partnership with Headspace, Mattel have released a range of Wellness Barbies. The doll is designed to introduce children to the value of self-care through play. The collection includes a ‘Breath with me Barbie®’ who guides you through five different meditations and a Fitness Doll who is dressed in work out clothing and has with her a protein bar and a smart watch.

4. IKEA BYO Speakers

The ultimate party collection

IKEA DIY accessories (Source:

These are speakers that you’d be proud to have on display. In collaboration with Stockholm-based studio Teenage Engineering, you can build your own minimalist, retro aesthetic, IKEA speakers and lighting systems. The speakers can be joined together to create your own bespoke set and can be matched with party essentials such as serving bowls and cups.

5. Eat Grub

Would you give these treats a try?

Eat grub packaging snack lime (Source:

Edible insects are one way to meet the world’s rising food consumption levels. However, regardless of how hungry you are, the concept of ‘edible insects’ hasn’t got us at the studio salivating. However, give Eat Grub’s tasty critters a go - you might surprise yourself!