1. Grey Goose

Spritz style drinks

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Image by Grey Goose

Tapping into the growing market of at home cocktail makers, Grey Goose have launched a new botanical spirits range for those who want to create great-tasting cocktails with ease and convenience. The trio of new flavours - Strawberry & Lemongrass, Watermelon & Basil, and White Peach & Rosemary – are also available as RTD cans mixed with sparkling water, juice, and flavourings for those on-the-go.

2. PANGAIA Health

Super super bar

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Image by PANGAIA

PANGAIA is expanding outside of the clothing industry and into the world of snacks with their new product arm ‘PANGAIA Health’. Launching with the pear and goji berry ‘Super Super Bar’, the carbon-neutral,plant-based snack is loaded with superfoods to support the brand’s mission of building a healthier planet.

3. A$AP Rocky

Mercer + Prince

Image by Mercer & Prince

A$AP Rocky is the latest rapper to venture into the alcohol industry, creating his own blend of Canadian Whiskey in partnership with Global Brand Equities and Spirit of Gallo. Combining original blending traditions with the modern culture of drinking, the brand aims to place Whiskey in a more diverse and hybrid aesthetic, pushing it outside of category norms, to be loved by generations to come.

4. DeliverOO’s

Novelty flavoured cereals

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Image by Deliveroo

To mark National Breakfast Day, Deliveroo have launched their own label “takeaway flavoured” cereals, ideal for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner. Tapping into consumers’ desires to be engaged through unique taste combinations, curious consumers can trial the cereals across a range of 3 flavours which include Sushi Roll, Margherita Pizza and Chicken Katsu Curry.

5. An Aldi Easter

Hot cross bun gin

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Image by Aldi

To celebrate the Easter break, Aldi are launching a new liqueur – the Hot Cross Bun Gin, with a distinctive smell and taste of the freshly toasted treats. Combining a blend of caramel, raisin and gin, the new flavour offers consumers an alternative way to enjoy the season with a hint of tradition.