1. Flavour Head

Big, Bold and Beautiful

FLAVOUR HEAD Thumb 1280X756
Image by Missouri Creative

We’re very excited to share the launch of our client, Flavour Head – a new tea brand launching in the UK aimed at ‘Flavour Explorers’ – those passionate about flavour, sensation, and taste. Bringing personality and fun to the tea sector, the playful characters have their individual personalities to engage consumers– nicely summed up in the brand proposition ‘Big, Bold, and Beautiful!’.

2. Vibations

Caffeine & Cannabis

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Image by MariMed

MariMed have launched Vibations: High + Energy, a drink mix for consumers that are looking to re-charge their focus and energy. Combining full-spectrum cannabis extracts, guarana, electrolytes, and vitamins, the new product is their first entry into cannabis infused beverages aimed at health-conscious consumers.

3. Fatso

Rule breaking dark chocolate

FATSO 14 03 2022
Image by Fatso

Designed to ‘set the record straight’ that dark chocolate can be just as fun as milk, Fatso is one of the latest confectionary brands to launch with 3 bars, featuring the best high-quality ingredients. Bringing new flavour combinations to the category, Fatso wants to be the dark chocolate that doesn’t take itself so seriously, with ethics and sustainability at the heart of its brand.

4. Panther M*lk

Spirit of the Panther

Screen Shot 2022 04 22 at 16.09.36
Image by Panther M*lk

Panther Mlk is the world’s first alcoholic cocktail made from oat milk, spirits, and liqueurs. Inspired by ‘Leche De Pantera’ -a cocktail that originates from the glitz and glamour of Spain in the 1920’s, Panther Mlk revives the cocktail for the growing market of dairy free consumers in two flavours – original and strawberry.

5. Guinness

Cold Brew Coffee Beer

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Image by Guinness

Guinness have launched their Cold Brew Coffee Beer in the U.K, following the success of the product in the US. Brewed from organic coffee beans, the new flavour introduces undertones of chocolate and caramel to excite current Guinness fans and introduce their beer in new occasions to new consumers.