“A drink that is clean but still pretty DRTY”

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DRTY; The new hard seltzer brand born out of London. DRTY is looking to catalyse this drinks trend that’s relatively new to the UK, despite the trend booming in the US. With a 4% ABV, ‘zero-carb’ hard seltzer, DRTY is simply sparkling water, carb-free alcohol and natural fruit flavours. Their two flavours, Raspberry Rosé and White Citrus sound perfect for a clean and refreshing summer RTD!

2. Hinge

‘Date From Home’ where bad internet is the perfect excuse to leave

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For singletons around the world, real life dating is a thing of the past. Dating is now entirely online. Hinge has introduced a new feature that allows their users to indicate when they are ready for a virtual date. If both users click ‘ready’, Hinge automatically notifies both parties and the most awkward part of navigating how to ask someone for a virtual date is done for you.

3. Emily

Imagine if your very first out of home campaign launched during lock-down…

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(Source: LinkedIn)

Well that’s what healthy snack brand Emily did. When you can’t change your media spend, it’s time to get creative and move quickly. The brand adapted their copy to make the best of the situation they find themselves in. According to LinkedIn, they’re hoping very few people see the campaign in real life…

4. Malfy

Virtual Aperitivo’s are trending

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(Source: Spirits Business)

An Aperitivo is a pallet cleansing, pre-meal beverage. Although in Italy it remains an extremely popular ritual, it hasn’t ever quite got the same recognition elsewhere. Lockdown forced Italy to take their ritual online, creating the ‘virtual Aperitivo’ trend which has spread across the virtual world! Perhaps it’s the perfect time for Malfy to launch their new range.

5. Manscaped

The US company bringing “manscaping” to the UK

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Male grooming has always been a bit of a taboo topic here in the UK, but Manscaped has a goal of opening up the conversation and empowering men to take part in a manscaping routine. They’ve partnered up with The Testicular Cancer Society to hopefully break the stigma surrounding self-care and testicular health; head to their website for some below-the-waist top tips.