1. Fix8

Kombucha for ‘the positively obsessed’

Fix8 031


Fix8 is in the spotlight this month as they’ve secured a Wholefoods listing – a major achievement for any start-up brand. Fix8’s product is hand-crafted in small batches, using the highest quality raw ingredients to deliver a drink that sets it apart from its competitors. The brand describes itself as a drink for ‘the positively obsessed’ having been born from a positive obsession with fermentation and flavour.

2. Hiatus

Entering the £80m UK CBD market


CBD vape pens are the second largest CBD product segment in the UK; last year the market was worth a staggering £80m (and is set to be worth almost £1b by 2025). Looking to stamp their mark is premium vape pen company Hiatus. Hiatus launched in the UK for the first time this month and is on a mission to become “the most trusted and respected vape pen brand in the CBD ecosystem.”

3. On Running Cloudnova

Launching their first streetwear product



On Running have defended their decision to push ahead with launching their first streetwear trainer this month, arguing that the cross over between performance brands and fashion brands has never been stronger. With the majority of the world WFH, the boundaries between work, home, sport and play that drive the streetwear category have become even more hazy, presenting an opportunity for the new shoe.

4. by Humankind

A multitasking hand sanitizer

By humankind hand sanitizer 1586807567


Having only launched last year, by Humankind has stepped up and released a new hand sanitizer that protects your hands, keeps them silky smooth and looks after the environment. All their products aim to reduce single-use plastic in our daily lives; the new product comes in a recyclable, refillable aluminium bottle (aluminium being one of the most recycled materials on Earth).

5. Mighty Small

Supporting independent food and drink companies

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Launched in response to COVID-19, Might Small is a new home delivery service featuring explicitly independent new food and drink brands, giving them a helping hand during the crisis. Featuring 100’s of snacks, treats, condiments and pantry products, the idea behind the company is to collaborate rather than compete.