Issue 6: Show Me What's Hot

Issue 6: Show Me What's Hot


Tea to your door



Founded on the assumption that tea should be anything but boring black builders… OFFBLAK is aiming to shake up the category and appeal to more health-conscious consumers who are unafraid to experiment with new flavours. An ingenious pack design means deliveries can fit through your letterbox.

2. Crayola

Inclusive skin tone crayons


In a bid to build a more inclusive world for kids, Crayola has unveiled a box of diverse skin-tone-inspired crayons. The Colours of the World set features 24 new shades, which are specially formulated to represent more than 40 global skin tones.

3. Four Sigmatic

Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps

Section ground 1200x1200

If just coffee isn’t a big enough hit in the morning, add Cordycep mushrooms and you’ve got coffee on steroids. Cordyceps are known to be one of the most energy-supporting mushrooms on the planet. The combination of coffee and Cordyceps can result in ‘balanced stimulation’ with only half the amount of caffeine.

4. The Uncommon

Allfie or Peggy?

 The Uncommon

(Source: Imbibe mag)

Started in 2018 by former designer and friend of Missouri’s, Alex Thraves, unsurprisingly we are in love with the can designs! A brand that is unapologetically English, The Uncommon was the first ever English sparkling wine in a can. Recently expanding their portfolio to keep in step with the latest low cal trend, they’ve launched spritzer versions of Alfie and Peggy. We highly recommend grabbing yourself an Alfie (or a Peggy) if you can!

5. Buzzbike

The Netflix of bikes


Buzzbike has seen a 440% increase in bike subscriptions in the past year, and 160% of those have come from the past month in lockdown as city dwellers avoid public transport. Buzzbike allows its customers to get all of the advantages of owning a bike without the upfront cost; on-demand maintenance and a subscription you can cancel at any time. Perfect for a sunny summer in the city!