1. Evian

Water that’s both bold, label free and sustainable

As part of its plan to become a circular brand by 2025, Evian has unveiled a new label free bottle that’s made entirely with recycled plastic (rPET). Getting rid of the usual plastic-label is a bold step because it implies stripping back on the majority of the brand elements that make Evian water bottles recognisable around the world. Instead, the brand assets are being embossed on the bottle, making Evian fully reliant on tactile branding.

Evian New Bottle


2. Babe

Babe, hold my drink.

One of the fastest growing canned wine brands in the US is coming to the UK. Babe is a brand that makes wine simple – pairing it with everything, whenever and wherever. It unapologetically employed Emily Ratajkowski as its ‘Chief of Taste’, so, watch out for this absolute Babe in Sainsburys’ aisles.

Babe Wine


3. WithU

Audio led fitness wherever you want, whenever you want

WithU; an audio fitness app that goes with you wherever you want, and whenever you want. Launching in the wake of the home workouts and closure of gyms, athletes are coached by their virtual trainers using only sound. Coaches spur you on with top tips on form, and motivational messages whether you’re jogging in the park or HIITing it up at home.

Withu App


4. Kellogg’s


Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter is now a thing. According to experts, 1 in 4 homes in the UK has a box of Crunchy Nut in their cupboards – not a bad rating for the brand – and, PB is one of the most popular household spreads. So, Kellogg’s has taken two of the nations favourites and created a modern classic.

Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter


5. Zara x Sony PS

Too uncool even for the playground

Zara and Sony have teamed up to design the Playstation © Sony Interactive Entertainment Sneakers for kids. The new shoes dropped this month to a surprised audience – Highsnobiety have dubbed the colab as possibly 2020’s most unappealing sneaker saying they may even be too uncool for the playground.

Playstation Zara