1. Behave

Sweets made for adults

(Image from Behave)

In the past few months, it’s been baking sourdough or picking up old favourites from the biscuit aisle (or both!) But what about those who want a sweet treat to satisfy cravings? Behave is a new low-cal candy brand for adults. The packaging is bold and minimal, giving it a premium appearance.

2. Eliqs

Can customisation

Eliqs Beer
(Image from Eliqs)

Integrating complete customisation into the company, Eliqs is a Californian start-up that creates custom designed craft beverage cans for any occasion. The cans are sourced from local breweries, personalised and professionally designed exactly how you want, whether it’s for your wedding, Christmas or a B2B event.

3. Elipse Foods

“Cowlessly creamy”

Eclipse Food
(Image by Eclipse Foods)

Eclipse Foods is a company that’s been described as “the Beyond Meat of dairy products.” The company’s mission is to entice the mainstream consumer by creating “cowlessly creamy” plant based dairy products that have great taste, texture and all the benefits.

4. HiBAR

Plastic free shampoo and conditioner

(Image from HiBAR)

HiBAR is another example of a company successfully integrating sustainability into product design. One thing shampoo and conditioners all have in common is plastic bottles, going against the grain of a world that’s aiming to be plastic free. So, HiBAR challenged themselves to develop plastic free, chemical free, vegetable-based salon-quality hair products, packaged and shipped using entirely recyclable materials.

5. Boden

Completing your staying in wardrobe

(Image by Boden)

For most, the kitchen table, living room, bedroom is doubling up as an office. Recognising this on-going way of working, Boden have taken the plunge and launched a WFH wardrobe. It’s evidence that even the most traditional brands think our situation isn’t going to change and even if you can go back to the office, many many people will still be WFH. Why buy clothes for going out when we’re staying in?