Jameson Caskmates x Fourpure launch: the next best thing?

Jameson Caskmates x Fourpure launch: the next best thing?

Jameson Caskmates has teamed up with London brewery Fourpure to expand its range of beer barrel finish Irish whiskey.

The whiskey has been finished in Shapeshifter West Coast IPA-seasoned barrels, producing a flavour of “tropical fruits, sweet clementine and hops”. Jameson Caskmates has tapped into the booming craft beer trend in a bid to attract an adventurous audience and looking around at the launch party – it seemed to be working.

Fourpure brewery recently rebranded their core cans to produce an eye-catching design; effortlessly cool, expressive, detailed but not too crowded. The illustrative design tells the story of the flavour accompanied by innovative names. Some have suggested the cans are even good enough to be collectables…

Names include: Easy Peeler, Juice Box, Basecamp and Shapeshifter.

The location for the launch perfectly matched what the collaboration aims to be – “the next best thing.” Walking through an industrial park we were a little sceptical… not a sole in sight and only a shabby chic sushi bar that we thought may be secretly the talk of the park. Turning the corner, we saw people flowing out of a Caskmates x Fourpure branded warehouse door. An industrial park in Bermondsey isn’t exactly where it’s at the moment, however, watch this space… it was pretty cool.

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The event itself was relaxed but had the feeling of exclusivity, as if none knew it was going on because none could actually see us there unless you were there. You could buy a t-shirt and have it hand printed on the spot with one of the can illustrations; the glass wear was the kind you want to take home with you.

Jameson Caskmates x Fourpure highlights the benefits of cross collaboration; Fourpure debuted their new designs and Caskmates tapped into the craft beer market.

A final thought: in one of our earlier insights’ pieces on global drinks trends we spoke about “after craft”. Perhaps brands should be looking even further ahead than they currently are.

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