Missouri Masters

Earlier this month, we have decided to celebrate the successful completion of a series of toolkits created to some of our partner brands at Pernod Ricard by hosting Missouri’s first cocktail competition: The Missouri Masters. The idea for the Missouri Masters came after some in the team attended to this year's Chivas Masters – a well-established global cocktail competition that celebrates both craftsmanship and teamwork; two very important characteristics Chivas believes is at the heart of modern bartending. The brief was for each member of the team to apply the things we learn everyday working with these brands in the creation, as well as the presentation, of a brand new cocktail that encapsulates our own individualities. All participants had to use at least one of the Pernod Ricard brands we work with in their creations. The competition was judged by our two founders, Stuart Wood and Paul Brennan, and also featured one guest judge. Below you can read the descriptions of the four winning cocktails – the quality of the entries was too high, making it hard to pick winners, so we end up with a shared third place. WINNER 1ST PLACE - Liam McHugh NAME Storm in a Tea Cup DESCRIPTION A lot of unnecessary anger and worry about a matter that is not important. So sit back, relax and enjoy a dark and stormy in a tea cup! INGREDIENTS 480ml Boiling water 4 x Peppermint tea bags 300g Caster sugar 240ml Lime juice 4 x Passionfruit 240ml Havana Club 3 Anos rum 200ml Soda water Mint to garnish METHOD Steep 4 peppermint tea bags in the boiling water. Add to the peppermint tea the caster sugar and lime juice, stir, then refrigerate until chilled. Add in 4 the pulp of passion fruits, Havana Club 3 Anos rum and soda water. Serve in a tea cup over ice and garnish with mint.   2ND PLACE - Emma Wadworth NAME The Kiwi London DESCRIPTION Green space clears the brain, and this is exactly where I want this drink to take you; away from the concrete jungle of London and to the green gardens of New Zealand. This cocktail is more on the tangy and rugged side, rather than too fruity or sweet. The infused rosemary water and Manuka Honey adds a lovely resiny flavour to this cocktail, with pairs nicely with the tart lime and juniper-rich gin. The combination of London Dry Gin and ripe New Zealand Kiwi Fruit creates a refreshing cocktail for all the senses. INGREDIENTS 60ml of Beefeater London Dry Gin 20ml Fresh lime juice 20ml Manuka honey tea 20ml Infused rosemary water 1 Tablespoon sugar syrup Dash of Fever Tree soda 1 Ripe kiwi fruit Rosemary sprig to garnish METHOD Muddle the kiwi fruit and rosemary leaves. Add the gin, elderflower, lime and sugar syrup. Fill mixing glass with crushed ice and shake until well chilled. Strain into gimlet glass, top with soda. Serve a flaming rosemary sprig.   SHARED 3RD PLACE - Philippine Sohet & Phil Heys  NAME Mademoiselle Rose DESCRIPTION Mademoiselle Rose is a light, airy and unpredictable cocktail which brings back sweet childhood memories (with a sparkling twist). The perfect serve to enjoy on the roof of Paris on a warm summer night or to accompany a tart of freshly-picked strawberries from the garden. INGREDIENTS 250ml Mumm Rosé champagne 50 Absolut Vodka 4 X Strawberries 2 X Limes Candy floss METHOD Make four cuts along the length of the strawberry (just before the stem ends). Fan the slices apart with your fingers and set aside. Prepare two balls of candy floss (they have to fit in the palm of your hand). Cut a slit in the centre of the ball and place a strawberry inside, sealing the hole afterwards. Slice lime in two. Cut one half into slices. Make a single cut on each lime slice to decorate your cocktail glasses. In a pitcher squeeze other half of lime, and add the vodka and champagne. Place 1 candy floss ball  in each glass. Place lime slices on the side of the glass. Pour mixture around the sides of the candy floss ball to reveal the hidden strawberry. Bonne degustation!   NAME Blue Moon Rising in the sunshiiiiiiiiineeeeaa DESCRIPTION Alright r kid, this is summut t’ give yer ‘ed a wobble and ‘ave ya mad fer It whilst largin it down the hac - now do one into the sunshiiiiiiiiiineeeaaaa. INGREDIENTS 20 ml Beefeater London Dry Gin 10 ml Blue Curacao 20 ml Lemon juice 1 tsp. Caster sugar 1 Red glacé Cherry to garnish METHOD Mix, shake, pour