Missouri Master's 2019

Missouri Master's 2019

This year, Missouri’s annual cocktail making competition, Missouri Master’s, was themed around one of our longstanding clients who we’ve been working with for a whole 5 years: Jameson.

The theme: “Why? Taste, that’s why.”

Missouri was in a state of flurry in preparation; the kitchen a chaotic hub of creativity. The experience and talent of the team really came to light and it was fantastic to witness everyone expressing their own ideas and each cocktail could not have been more different to the next. From NutriBullets, to avocados, to coffee to cakes – basic martini glasses and a lime garnish were not going to cut it, the pressure was on!

The three duo’s who went above and beyond and wowed the crowd were:

First place: The ‘Cherry Bomb’ cocktail - a tasty birthday cake extravaganza, completed with a cherry bomb cake explosion (which actually involved one of the Missouri team jumping out of a cake). The Cherry Bomb cocktail was sweet with a fizz and would be perfect at any birthday occasion. Although this may have been more style over substance, you can’t fault their creativity and imagination!

Second place: The ‘The Shamrock Shake’, which was developed to pay homage to a cocktail classic… The Irish coffee. Jameson don’t currently have a Hard Shake on their books, so the duo created this ownable serve which can be enjoyed at any occasion or at any time. This serve essentially brands itself, no matter the vessel its presented in.

Third place: The ‘Mighty Mighty’ cocktail celebrating a fictional granny bare knuckle fight club. The winner of the fictional fight club is given a jar of magical jam, which is the main highlight of the cocktail.