Retail Design in 2025

Insider Trends invited Missouri Creative to write a thought piece on what would be the focus of retail design in 2025, and here is what we’ve shared with them: ‘Despite the on-going hype around new technologies promising to revolutionise all aspects of our lives, we believe shoppers will always want to touch, taste, see and feel products and that bricks-and-mortar stores will continue to be one of the most visceral ways for brands to engage with their customers in the future.
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However, as e-tailers strive to match the benefits offered by physical stores (replicating the ‘must-have’ moment with services like 1hour delivery), branded retail environments will look to ‘leisure-ise’ shopping and evolve into spaces where brands immerse their audience in a curated and increasingly personalised experiences that drives serendipitous shopping behaviour – nudging visitors into ‘discovery mode’. Physical stores may not always be the conversion point but will still play a key role in creating emotional motivation. Ever had to endure a one hour conversation with a call centre employee whilst trying to return unwanted goods or have an informed dialogue with a bot? Compare this to the tactile experience of the best stores and the added value of brilliant empathetic staff.
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Yet, as mobile devices and wearable technology become increasingly important and omni-present in everyday human behaviour (from health and well being to peer-to-peer endorsements) the physical products in-store will take on a more significant role in triggering purchase. As smart packaging becomes the norm we will see that the medium will carry the message; creating a direct and personalised dialogue. But the fundamental need to congregate, assimilate, trade and share will still be what defines us as humans – from our earliest ancestors to the people shopping in the brand cathedrals of 2025.’ To read the full article about retail design in 2025, visit