Scotch Watch; Put on Gram Parsons and make yourself a B7 Signature Old Fashioned

Scotch Watch; Put on Gram Parsons and make yourself a B7 Signature Old Fashioned

Last week, we tuned into Scotch Watch, a webinar series aiming to keep you up to speed on the latest in the world of whisky, hosted by Ballantine’s Master Distiller, Sandy Hyslop, and Head of Heritage and Education at Chivas Brothers, Alex Robertson.

The episode was dedicated to Ballantine’s newest addition to the family, Ballantine’s 7 Bourbon Finish, a brand we have been working with for the past 6 months. Guest stars were our lovely client, Hannah Ingram, Brand Manager at Ballantine’s and Ballantine’s Brand Ambassador for Poland, Anna Filipiak.

Launched in September, the Ballantine’s team expressed their pride at seeing the product they had started creating 18 months ago finally hit the shelves.

The inspiration for B7 came from a gap in the portfolio between Ballantine’s Finest and the first aged whisky B12. The balanced profile of Ballantine’s Finest means it has long been a whisky that is often a consumers first step into the category, a trend Anna has noticed from her time as an Ambassador in Poland. As consumers continue to enjoy and experiment with Finest, there comes a point when they are ready to trade up; B12 was too much of a leap resulting in lapsed consumers.

After many a meeting between Sandy and the product teams, they unearthed that using Bourbon barrels to finish the liquid would add a touch of sweetness, creating a whisky that was balanced and progressive, yet still as accessible as Finest.

The team landed on the 7 year aged whisky as being the true sweet spot, also discovering that way back in 1872, founder George Ballantine sold a 7 year aged whisky. All the liquid is finished in American Oak Bourbon barrels and tasted every 8 weeks until distilling perfection.

B7 needed to be as versatile as Finest, perfect neat or on the rocks, but also excellent in a cocktail.

B7 Signature Old Fashioned

  1. 60ml Ballantine’s B7, 2 tablespoons sugar syrup, 2 dashes orange bitters, Splash of water, Orange slice garnish

So, pour yourself a glass and put on some Gram Parsons (Alex’s suggested music pairing!) and enjoy.

Thank you to Scotch Watch and the Ballantine’s team for a very enjoyable session – we look forward to the next one!

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