Show Me What's Hot - Coffee Edition

Show Me What's Hot - Coffee Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of Show Me What’s Hot, spotlighting inspiring coffee innovations and experiences from around the world that we’ve spotted recently.  

The ever-growing ubiquity of coffee culture makes it fertile territory for creativity. Coffee consumption has become increasingly experiential and goes far beyond the cup, providing Instagrammable moments, new rituals or creative ways connect with others. We hope the following concepts might percolate your interest.

Coffee From a Bear Paw

Anakuma Café

Bear Paw
Image by Anakuma

Anakuma translated means ‘bear in a hole’ and quite literally describes this unique experience in Harajuku, Japan. Deriving from the Harajuku style of all thing quirky and kawaii, customers at Anakuma Café can order from a tablet and one of its seven resident bears that live behind the wall, will hand you your beverage when ready. The bear necessities never looked so good.

One to Remember

Note Café

Note cafe
Image by customer

Whilst Hanoi has thousands of coffee shops dotted along the main roads, the Note café offers a different kind of experience. With hundreds of thousands of notes left by visitors from all over the world, the four floors of this café are plastered with heart-warming messages, leaving customers with a moment to be inspired or laugh.

Instagrammable sausage rolls


Image by customer

‘Tasty’ is the latest Greggs concept store located in Primark Tottenham Court Road, featuring vibrant interiors, doughnut inspired seating booths and a sausage roll swing. A fun and immersive café experience, shoppers can sit in London double decker inspired booths, play interactive digital games in the Greggs phone box, or take pictures for the ‘gram with a vintage style free-standing bike. This marks the next evolution of the high street duo’s much-loved collabs.

Mental Health Café


Image by Lego

Last week saw the opening of the world’s first LEGO Brick Café in Dublin, Ireland. Launched during World Mental Health Month, the café is designed as a space where adults can experience all the mental health benefits that play can bring. Linked to improving memory, increased creativity, and reducing stress, playing with LEGO is a brick-fire shortcut to a better state of mind.

Migros Coffee Balls

The future of Coffee Capsule’s

Migros Coffee
Image by Migros

The Coffee Ball by Migros is a revolution in environmentally friendly alternatives to the plastic coffee capsule. A small, fully compostable ball of pressed coffee that can slot into your machine, the Coffee Ball is a guaranteed caffeine kick without the waste. Set to roll out worldwide in 2023, we’ll keep our cups at the ready.

CBD Coffee


Image by Jibby

Whilst some love the alertness that comes from coffee for others the caffeine high that can transcend into jittery chaos is bittersweet. In comes Jibby, the CBD infused coffee that allows customers to feet uplifted from caffeine and yet feel grounded and clear with the addition of CBD. We particularly love Jibby’s eye-catching design, featuring quirky illustration, bold graphics and endearing typography that has major shelf-standout.