Show Me What's Hot: Discover the Coolest Ice Cream Innovations

Show Me What's Hot: Discover the Coolest Ice Cream Innovations

Ice cream has long been a beloved indulgence and a focus for innovation, from creative flavours to imaginative new formats.

As summer approaches (where we are in London, at least), the industry is producing a wave of exciting developments.

Get the scoop about brands that are pushing the boundaries of ice cream, introducing us to a whole new world of forms, flavours, textures and experiences.

Show Me: Customisable Innovation

Image source: Ninja

If there is one thing that Ninja knows how to do well it’s to create a best-selling appliance. Their latest ice cream maker allows consumers to easily create their very own ice cream sensations in under 24 hours. Taking TikTok by storm, the hashtag #ninjacreami has received 485 million views and growing…

Show Me: The plant-based evolution

Image source: Cado

Word on the street the vegan bubble has burst…but this avocado-based ice-cream (yes, you’ve read correctly,) is the newest vegan innovation. Cado comes in a healthy range of ‘free from’ flavours that are low in calories, sugar and with a natural ingredient list. Its flavour range varies from java chip to cherry amaretto.  

Show Me: Where cream meets culture

Image source: Malai

Malai’s handcrafted ice cream showcases the nuances of South Asian Cuisine, with an impressive cream of the crop list of flavours that gives consumers a handcrafted flavour innovation experience.

Not to mention the authentic look to the packaging, with a colourful nod to its roots.

Show Me: Ice cream craftsmanship

Image source: Supermoon Bakehouse

Supermoon bakehouse artisanal creations is a collision of two iconic worlds - pastries and ice cream. We’ve seen ice cream feature in sweet treats over the years from cakes to sandwiches, but not pastries.

Show Me: Novelty Delights

Image source: SoraNews24

Pino is Japan’s most popular ice cream; they’ve teamed up with gaming icons Super Mario brothers on this bite sized, limited-edition ice cream. We’re seeing a trend of brands create novelty forms of the sweet treat.

Show Me: Japan’s Flavour Fusions

Image source: Guinness World Records

Cellato, the newest mouth-watering dessert has recently won the Guinness world record for the most expensive dessert costing a whopping $6,380, per scoop. The ingredients list features actual gold, a very rare white truffle, sake less and parmigiano. We can’t say we’d be first in line to buy, but luxury still has a place even in a cost of living crisis.

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