Stepping into the future at ICE London 2020

Stepping into the future at ICE London 2020

1. Bursting with innovation

You couldn’t deny the vast display of innovation and technology on display. The gaming and gambling industry is leading the way when it comes to technology, apparently the porn industry is a close second! The products on display allowed more real time data to not only for the companies using them but also the consumer, giving them more power to make informed decisions on what and when to place a bet. This kind of empowerment surely must help brands gain better trust in the eyes of the punters.

2. A lack of emotion

Why do we bet? Because we have a passion for a sport and we’re willing to put our own money on the line for it. Having some ‘skin in the game’ definitely adds more enjoyment and suspense to the experience and there is nothing quite like the thrill of a win. The puzzling thing was, why so many of the betting companies look like banks or building societies. Even in what is predominantly B2C event brand personality should shine through and create some level of differentiation.

3. Where is the brand narrative?

The gaming industry was on full display at ICE, from Cosplay to new releases, to new tools. Ray Gaming had an enormous stage with 6 female Cosplay characters who you could pose with for a selfie. However as soon as the girls disappeared, we were left with a big green empty space and a logo. Developing a narrative around a brand, beyond the content of the game, will be important for these fast-growing companies to distinguish themselves in this fast-emerging market.