The Commons: Community Mall Takes Shoppers Closer to Nature

A new shopping mall recently opened in Thonglor, Thailand, to celebrate local artisans, and promote wholesome living and sense of community to the country’s fast-growing middle class. The Commons, as it’s called, aims to create an environment embedded in the local culture, where shoppers can spend quality time in the neighbourhood and feel a little closer to nature at the same time. Visitors to the mall can take part in different workshops, community art projects, and talks during the day, as well as enjoying some live music at night. ‘Our intention is to first build a community, then a mall,’ say the founders. The Commons features various green spaces with herb gardens, in which culinary workshops take place, and a common which hosts morning yoga sessions daily. In addition to its many communal areas, it also features artisan restaurants, bars, cafés, and a yoga studio. The Commons is entirely built to cater to the needs of the local community, and was listed on The New York Times as one of the coolest, and most cultured new malls in the world.