The Evolution of Ministry of Sound

The Evolution of Ministry of Sound

It’s no secret that our growing reliance on all things digital is pushing traditional bricks-and-mortar players to reinvent themselves to provide more innovative experiences to consumers.

The rise of multi-purpose retail spaces – such as Lululemon’s stores, which host a series of workout classes daily to shoppers completely free of charge – is a consequence of that.

But the way Ministry of Sound is doing it is particularly interesting because it shows a company using the iconicity of its original brand to transcend nightclub to stand for ‘experiences’.

In 2017, the Ministry of Sound group ventured into fitness, to tap into the Health & Wellness trend. It has launched Ministry Does Fitness – London’s first fitness nightclub – where visitors are charged £16 per workout.

Last week, they continued their brand’s evolution by launching a member’s club, The Ministry.

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Over the last few years, there have been many different accounts on the demise of Britain’s nightclubs.

In December 2016, The Guardian newspaper published an article titled: ‘RIP the nightclub era, and my lovely memories of youth’; and according to the BBC, nearly half of all nightclubs in London have closed in the last 10 years.

So there’s no real surprise in that iconic London nightclub, Ministry of Sound, had to seek alternatives to stay relevant.

The club, situated in London’s Southwark, features a 70ft-long bar, recording studio, a table service restaurant, serviced meeting rooms and a 40-seater cinema.

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The Ministry is targeted at creative professionals who have once frequented the nightclub –membership is exclusively available to those working in music, film and TV, PR, technology and fashion.


The member’s club is aimed at strengthening the brand’s relationship with the original club’s target audience by offering an experience tailored to where these people are in their lives right now.

‘The people we grew up with are now founders and CEOs of start-ups and established businesses. The Ministry is for these people – independent creatives who light the sparks that become cultural wildfires’, says The Ministry’s chairman, Lohan Presencer.