The Good News Brand: Week 11

In the midst of lockdown and almost daily consumer behaviour, there still remains a strong spirit of coming together in crisis.

Engaging everyone having yet another night in is now a priority for those brands who previously relied on live social occasions and experiences - many are turning to partnerships to extend their reach.

Even in this ‘new normal’ world, it’s refreshing and heartening to see innovation and creativity pushing for a sustainable, waste-free economy.

Take a look at the mixture of brands who caught our eye this week:

1) Tapping into movie-nights-in, UK cinema chain Curzon has teamed up with Uber Eats to create cinema-themed food bundles delivered straight to your door. A delicious way to get your film-fix!


2) Clothing sales have hugely decreased due to COVID-19, with cancelled clothing orders leaving many workers in poorer countries unpaid and clothes going to waste. So, the team at Mallzee have created a brilliant initiative called Lost Stock; you can receive a box of clothing with a 50% discount off RRP which will support a worker and their family for a week AND save clothes from ending up in landfill.

Lost Stock
(Source: Getty Images)

3) Carlsberg are appealing to their customers in Denmark with their tongue-and-cheek #AdoptAKeg initiative which offers beer drinkers the chance to fill a virtual keg by scanning Carlsberg cans at home and logging this on their website. The perk is that the virtual keg can be exchanged for a real pub beer post-lockdown.

(Source: LBBOnline)

4) Blossom Hill is offering a floral night-in. Each week you can enter with a chance of winning a bottle of Blossom Hill and a bouquet of flowers and take part in a virtual flower arranging masterclass with a glass of gin fizz!


5) Responding to the increased use of disposable masks, the Vietnamese and Canadian footwear brand ShoeX has designed a reusable and biodegradable mask made from used coffee grounds! A great eco-solution to help consumers maintain a zero-waste lifestyle.