The Good News Brand: Week 12

Even though the world is making plans for life after lockdown, consumers are concerned with the continued care for their health and well-being.

It’s important to see how brands are adapting to prioritising this concern and exploring ways to combine the focus with every-day behaviours.

From existing brands creating engaging initiatives to start-ups producing awesome new products, we’ve found examples of ways brands are supporting consumers by placing the health and well-being at the forefront.

1) ‘Staycations’ will be more in our holidays calendar than ever before. Beavertown Brewery invites you on a digital holiday with their new Staycation IPA and audio experience; by switching to airplane mode and beer in hand, you’ll be transported to a tropical paradise from your living room.


2) It’s no secret that stress affects the skin. So, Eewee Production have developed Beautitation, an app which combines guided meditation sessions meditation with your daily skin-care routine.


3) Gucci have launched Gucci 9, an online shopping service which enables client advisers to communicate with customers, giving them a virtual shopping experience from a fake store designed especially for customers to shop remotely.

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4) In collaboration with PrimeHealth, US restaurant JustBeKitchen are producing medically-approved immunity-boosting meal bundles. Consumers will enjoy meals rich in vitamins and minerals, whilst being encouraged to donate one box to a key worker.

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5) Tapping into the increased focus on at-home consumption, Cola-Cola and Costa Coffee have launched a new range of Ready-to-Drink products across Europe. The drinks offer customers a way to enjoy the Costa-Coffee experience at-home, on-the-go and at-work.

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