The Good News Brand: Week 15

Lockdown is lifting and businesses have adapted to the shifts in consumer behaviour.

As shops and bars are re-opening their doors, brands are set to make the most of post-pandemic opportunities.

Here are five features of brands finding inventive ways to engage their audiences:

Picture 1

1) Dial-a-cocktail-masterclass with Bacardi’s virtual initiative to #Raiseyourspirits. Tapping into the increased focus on waste-reduction, consumers in France can use the toll-free hotline to receive mixology advice on making cocktails at home with cupboard leftovers.

Picture 2

2) EA Sports are working with Premier League and La Liga for the gradual return of sport, by supplying crowd noise as a soundtrack to the match. This aim to replicate the authentic atmosphere of a match, putting new meaning to their famous slogan ‘it’s in the game’!

Picture 3

3) A clever new app has been launched in lockdown; The Supermarket Check-In allows customers to check the best time to go to their local supermarket based on queue sizes and stock levels- an efficient way to encourage patience in consumers post-lockdown.

Picture 4

4) Puzzles have seen increased popularity in lockdown and Busch beer are using this as a Willy-Wonka inspired marketing opportunity. Their new jigsaw competition offers the prize of a $5000 vacation to consumers who receive a golden can version.

Picture 5

5) Lingerie-line Harper Wilde has been working to ‘lift up the ladies’ in lockdown with the limited-edition bra ‘In this together’. Promising quality and style to consumers, 50% of profits are donated to the charity ‘No Kid Hungry’ to support kids who are at risk of missing meals due to school closures.