The Good News Brand: Week 16

Regaining and retaining is the name of the game for brands at the moment. Brands are being challenged by their consumers to provide something more, something that fits in with their current priorities in life.

To achieve this, we’re seeing brand collaborations and partnerships continuing to trend, as well as those forward-thinkers launching new products.

Not ignoring that bars and pubs are opening tomorrow, initiatives to encourage people back to the on-trade are still prevalent.

Take a look at the five brands that caught our eye this week:

1) Lululemon has acquired the tech business Mirror to provide a creative solution to bring the studio to you. Described as the ‘future of fitness’, Mirror offers a range of videos from live-streams to personalised workouts, engaging with the increase of at-home exercise.


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2) As the bars open their doors this weekend, hospitality company Inception Group, is rewarding NHS workers with a generous £25,000 bar tab. NHS workers can enjoy a free drink at any of their open venues across London!


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3) Aiming to help you feel calm, mindfulness app Headspace has collaborated with UK retailer Boots with the launch of a new gift card offering 6 months’ access to guided meditation sessions.


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4) Despite pubs and bars opening this weekend, not everyone is going to be racing back. So Double Dutch have created a pack that lets you stay in in style. From hand sanitisers and candles to perfect G&T kits and games for all the family Double Dutch has you covered.


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5) Lloyds Pharmacy has teamed up with Deliveroo to deliver PPE and essential medical supplies to customers in under 30 minutes. Available from 16 stores across the UK, this first-of-its-kind innovation is a great way to help relieve the pressure on NHS staff.


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