The Good News Brand: Week 17

As we discuss in our latest insight report, Inside the Mind of the Post-pandemic Consumer, getting back to shopping, restaurants and other out of home activities is a top priority for consumers.

Of course, safety is still paramount, but who’s to say it can’t be fun!

We’ve spotted some creative, playful ways brands are encouraging social distancing.

Here’s our features for this week:

1) Instagram has partnered with Time Out to host a two-day virtual live-streamed festival designed to support small independent retailers. The festival will give independent retailers in both London and New York a platform to showcase their businesses, host events and share new products.

Instagram x timeout

2) Stella Artois has developed a creative way to encourage social distancing while consumers enjoy that first pint. Teaming up with Studio Number One, the brand has designed artistic floor murals, named ‘Together Apart’, to be rolled out to over 1000 pubs across the UK.


3) Drive-in Cinemas are becoming a must-do experience this summer, as an alternative night out. The Luna Drive-In Cinema is showing a range of films, from box-office hits to favourite classics, complete with contactless food and drink delivery, at venues across the UK.


4) Bacardi have created a Snapchat lens to support the safe return to pubs. The lens will playfully recreate a Caribbean island and Barcardi rum anthem which users can only activate when one metre apart.


5) Asda are partnering with Uber Eats to create a new fast-track grocery delivery service. The service aims to deliver in 30 minutes, responding to the demand for online grocery which increased by 91% during lockdown.

Asda x uber