The Good News Brand: Week 18

The good news keeps on coming.

As Friday comes around again, we’ve packaged up the best brand initiatives and ideas to keeping the nation going.

1) Postponed betrothals have been trending this summer. Rain Check Registry by Domino’s may make the ordeal a little less stressful… You can send themed gift pizza packages to the unlucky couple who can comfort eat whilst rearranging their special days.

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2) Loop; the new service billed as the “milkman reimagined”, aims to change the way households shop and consume amid concern about the global single-use plastic binge. The online shopping service that delivers food, drink and household essentials from leading brands in reusable packaging.

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3) Self-care, nights in and cracked hands… Lush has you covered. Cosmetics brand Lush has launched a special letterbox hand-care kits to keep your mitts soft and silky.

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4) According to research in May 2020, 60% of restaurant guests prefer to pour their own fountain drink. Using a QR code, The Coca-Cola Freestyle Platform allows customers to pour drinks from their phones, eliminating the need for a waiter or contact with the machine.

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5) Acknowledging the need to encourage people back into bars, pubs and restaurants as well as the necessity of obtaining financial support, The Brewers of Europe have launched TIME TO #RECONNECT; a campaign helping to save the hospitality industry. Go and get yourself a pint!

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