The Good News Brand: Week Five

As we’re nearing the peak of the UK outbreak and yesterday we had news of lockdown extension, everyone needs some positive thoughts in their feeds (and minds).

And luckily, we’re not short of brands to fill our blog series with! From start-ups to big corporations, we’ve found some awesome brands doing awesome things.

1) To help keep NHS teams calm amongst the chaos, Botanic Lab have donated nearly 9,000 of their health drinks to the front line and their partner charity FareShare. This includes their latest CBD product ‘Dutch Courage’ to help workers unwind.

Croppes x 2

2) “My team worried about this, but I said ‘we’ve just got to fucking do it,’” Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams said before they opened their crowdfunder. The crowdfunder has raised more than £40,000 to fund the production of 1,000 Brompton bikes, painted in NHS colours, which will be given to front line workers.

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3) In another extraordinary move from a start-up, Top Beverages has pledged to give 100% of gin sales to the NHS. If you’re feeling the stress, Top Beverages is another good place to turn to for your fix of calm as all their products are premium alcoholic CBD infusions.

 MG 1156b

4) If you want to send a personal note to someone working at the NHS, then Brewgooder is your brand with their new campaign ‘One On Us’. The company is offering consumers the opportunity to gift a 4 pack of Karma Cola or beer, and a message of support for an NHS employee at random to collect when they are ready.

Brewgooder 1

5) According to Instagram, The Beauty Banks, which is like a food-bank but with personal care and toiletries instead, has received a massive donation from Estée Lauder. The Beauty Banks has set up a campaign called #HelpingHands, which helps the vulnerable during the pandemic and it’s great to see companies like Estée Lauder lending a hand.

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