The Good News Brand: Week Four

The sun is shining, the sky is blue but we’re staying home and so should you!

It’s been glorious weather which is making it even harder to stay in. But looking on the bright side, there are some extraordinary initiatives and acts of kindness that have been cooked up due to the current climate.

Change can not only bring out the best in people, it can inspire creativity. And these moments of thoughtfulness and creativity are easing the stress of the volatile situation we find ourselves in today.

We’ve picked out 5 of our favourite finds for this week’s Good News Brand blog post:

1) Instead of “lock-ins”, we’re locked out; the already struggling pubs have been forced to close their doors. To help “Save Pub Life”, Budweiser has launched a £1m gift card initiative so patrons can pre-purchase drinks ahead of re-opening.

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2) It’s Easter Weekend and whilst the majority of us will be spending it at home tucking into Easter Eggs, NHS staff will be working hard. Instead of giving Easter treats to their employees, Missguided have donated their chocolaty selection to NHS staff.


3) You can sign up to the adidas #hometeam; an online global community of athletes and creators who are sharing skills, training and advice to keep you moving, healthy and hopeful.

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4) Ballantine’s has mixed up their content strategy, injecting positivity into their community with their ‘Streaming from Isolation’ series. This involves weekly takeovers featuring performances and content from community driven music collectives. Additionally, Ballantine’s has donated a six-figure sum to further support the collectives.

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5) Adhering to social distancing regulations, Grazia shot a special edition cover in hospital carparks to honour the incredible work of the NHS. Although their most low- key shoot to date, it’s perhaps their most powerful.

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