Webinar: Pleasure in Progress

Webinar: Pleasure in Progress

Following our webinar, Pleasure in Progress, we’re delighted to make the full recording available on our website, as well as a short takeaway summary.

It was just over 100 years ago that the world started to recover from 1918-20 Spanish Flu, one of history’s deadliest epidemics, which was preceded by one of history’s deadliest wars, WW1.

That prolonged period of hardship was the main cause of some major shifts in consumer behaviour. One of these being the total embrace of freedom that marked the Roaring 20s.

As we start to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, the parallels between what happened then and what’s about to happen becomes clear.

Based on real world insights, we have identified two emerging consumer types:

· The Hedonistic Consumer - will actively reject personal constraints on their freedom and spending · The Restrained Consumer, for whom lockdown has created a dramatic shift in their habits and behaviours

In order to understand their motivations, how to engage them and what will trigger action we have identified four key themes;

· Escapism: The Serious Business of Pleasure

· Discovery: Adventures in Pleasure

· Self-Improvement: The Pleasure of Learning

· Control: Pleasure in Moderation

Ready to tap into these new mindsets and behaviours to drive growth? Click the link to download the full recording and takeaway summary for free.

Pleasure in Progress takeaway and recording

We hope you enjoy!