The Good News Brand: Week 8

Heading into the bank holiday weekend, make sure to leave laptops alone and treat yourself to some well-deserved chill time. But before you do, take a quick look at the brands featuring in this week’s Good News Brand blog.

The Good News Brand: Week Seven

Starting this blog series 7 weeks ago, unsure of how long it would be going on for, it feels quite surreal that we’re onto blog post number 7. Take a look at who we’ve featured this week.



The Coronavirus lockdown has plunged the UK into uncharted territory and forced the British to get creative, adapt, and try to maintain a certain level of normality in life.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, plenty has been written about the impact this would ultimately have on people’s mental and financial wellbeing.

However, little has been said about their downtime.

The Good News Brand: Week Six

Week Six of isolation and it’s beginning to feel quite normal. The home has become the epicentre of our lives. As well as thinking of new initiatives to bring fun and laughter into our daily lives, individual brands are working hard to help their consumers help those in need from the safety of their homes.

The Good News Brand: Week Five

As we’re nearing the peak of the UK outbreak, and yesterday we had news of lockdown extension, everyone needs some positive thoughts in their feeds (and minds).

The Good News Brand: Week Four

Change can not only bring out the best in people, it can inspire creativity. And these moments of thoughtfulness and creativity are easing the stress of the volatile situation we find ourselves in today.

The Good News Brand: Week Three

Feels like “Groundhog day”? We know. Despite this, people and brands are doing incredible things to make life a little easier. Take a look at just 5 initiatives we’ve chosen this week.

The Good News Brand: Week Two

Get your weekend started in the best way possible with more positive news from brands doing outstanding work to help during the Coronavirus crisis.

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