Eroski brand identity

An entirely new brand identity to be applied across all its communications for Spain’s third-largest supermarket chain, and the largest retail co-operative in the country.

Encompassing hypermarkets, supermarkets and city-centre stores, we set about designing an identity that was flexible enough to work independently across these disparate retail landscapes while also providing an overarching unity. Via in-store environments, brochures, print collateral, corporate communications, advertising templates, eDM and digital media, we repositioned Eroski as an approachable, friendly and no-nonsense brand with its finger firmly on the pulse.

In a crowded market, Eroski’s new identity has helped it to achieve standout by giving it a personality that other brands in similar territory are sorely lacking. It offers a cheerful approach to buying groceries that resonates with Spanish shoppers. This project demonstrates that budget does not have to mean bland: by taking the everyday experience of supermarket shopping and imbuing it with a friendly attitude across the board

Client Comments

‘We are very pleased with the result of the project, the restyling Missouri has done to the brand, responds completely to our briefing and fulfilled our expectations. Everyone liked it; and in large companies that is very rare!’

Carolina Najar Marketing Director, Eroski