HTC: The Living Room Retail Pop-Up

"The Living Room": A temporary pop-up experience in the world's biggest consumer electronics store - Saturn in Hamburg.

When HTC tasked us with designing a pop-up store, we tapped into the humanity of the brand to make an intimate space with a welcoming atmosphere: “The ‘Living’ Room” not only showcased the brand’s products but also provided an accessible point of entry into the world of HTC. A store-in-store forming part of the offering inside the world’s biggest consumer electronics outlet (Saturn in Hamburg), the pop-up was well-placed to catch the attention of gadget fans and everyday shoppers alike.

An engaging and evolving environment, the key to its success lay in the seamless integration of technology to support rather than intrude on everyday life. Designed, built and installed in six weeks in the run-up to Christmas, the pop-up is still in place two years later and has established HTC as the human face of handheld tech.

Conceived to celebrate the relationship between person and product, HTC’s devices and user interface connect the brand to the customer on a level that’s both creative and consumer-focused – and the pop-up reflects that same forward-thinking approach.

Client Comments

‘Missouri helped me transform the HTC store-in-store retail experience, demonstrating great insight & passion for truly understanding the consumer experience. Their involvement in launching a new retail design concept & shopper experience model for HTC was instrumental to the program’s success. Their approach to shopper marketing is refreshing. They truly challenge traditional retail thinking and creative positioning.’

Kim Stroud-Purvis
Global Retail Manager