Jameson Caskmates A whiskey that behaves like a craft beer

Caskmates: the whiskey that behaves like craft beer.

Our challenge was to bring the new Jameson Caskmates range alive ‘through-the-line’ with a campaign idea that delivers on the product platform of – ‘Discover What Happens When Two Great Things Come Together’.

We positioned Caskmates to behave more like a craft beer and disrupt the whiskey category whilst also raising awareness of the brand and educating consumers on new ways to drink it.

By exploring the relationship between craft beer and whiskey, we identified 3 insights that Caskmates could leverage; the versatility of the liquid, the collaborative nature of the process and the seasonality of craft IPA and Stout.

Establishing a clear drinks strategy was crucial in changing the perception that Caskmates is only to be consumed neat or on-the-rocks as mixed drinks and cocktails are key to increase rate of sale in the on-trade and encourage home consumption in the off-trade.

On & Off Trade Assets

Tent card & glorifiers