Paddy Power Concept Store

Changing the perception of the high-street betting shop leveraging immersive experiences and new technology.

Asked by Paddy Power to change the perception of the high-street betting shop, we created a new concept that combined the convenience of the traditional set-up with the immersive experiences afforded by new technology. Nothing beats the thrill of being next to the pitch or at the side of the track, and Paddy Power’s betting shop of the future gets gambling enthusiasts and sports fans as close as it’s possible to be without standing on the turf.

From slick banks of edge-to-edge flatscreen TVs to a state-of-the-art soundsystem, this was a concept designed to throw you into the heart of the action. Complemented with bespoke furniture and a full-on helping of Paddy Power’s unique brand personality – brought to life with a series of mischievous elements sprinkled throughout the environment – this was a concept store that reinvented the way we bet.

Updating the physical presence of a brand with a strong personality meant holding on to what Paddy Power has always done best – service with a smile, a nod and a wink – and setting it in an exciting immersive environment that knows what betting is all about.

Client Comments

‘Missouri were responsible for the design of our new store concept in London, the timeline for completion of the design phase was tight as we had a fixed date for the opening of the store. Missouri never failed to deliver at any point along the journey from concept to final delivery. The store looks great our customers love it and we enjoyed working with Missouri!’

Laurence Keen
UK Development Director, Paddy Power