QA Brand Strategy and Identity

Brand strategy and brand identity for the UK’s leading training provider. We're incredibly proud that our work won Gold at the Transform Awards 2020 for the 'Best visual identity - education sector'.

QA is the UK’s leading training provider, employing over 2,100 employees across 50 sites in the UK and servicing over 285,000 customers with clients including Google, Microsoft and Oracle.

Missouri’s challenge was to create a robust strategic positioning, a new set of brand values and brand behaviours and a visual and verbal language that reflected the quality of the product.

With such a multi-layered business as QA, we needed to dig beneath the surface to discover what QA meant to employees and learners alike. We became fully immersed in the business; from key stakeholder interviews, senior management workshops and extensive brand and communications audits.

We identified that beyond the rapid digitisation of the sector and the evolving needs of customers, the intensely human learner story is what unlocked the power to elevate and differentiate the brand.

The result: QA Powering Potential.