RNLI Brand Identity

We were asked to formulate a new style guide for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

Using the charity’s three key values – active, personal, reliable – we developed a verbal and visual identity that could be applied across every channel of communication. This allowed us to develop a consistent message that, no matter the touch-point, reinforced the brand values and transformed the look and feel of every aspect of its marketing in the process.

A charity with a strong and loyal following among the public, the RNLI’s master logo was retained to engender a sense of continuity while the new guidelines repurposed everything else, from colour to tone of voice, photography to typography.

Allowing the core values to be dialed up or down depending on the medium, the charity can now operate across a wider range of communications – despite this, the audience is left in no doubt about who the brand is and what it stands for. Establishing the RNLI’s core values as the cornerstones of the brand allows its various stakeholders to exercise a certain amount of freedom in their communications while also staying on message.