Snow+Rock Flagship Concept Store

The Snow+Rock flagship concept store reflects the motivations of the Seasoned Committed Specialist. They see the products they buy as tools to help them achieve - our store experience matches these aspirations.

The store is designed the same way as a high performance jacket; how does it work, what is the function, how does it perform? Then and only then did we add the styling. The products are the heroes but the vast range needs managing. So a neutral, robust, industrial backdrop allows the products to shine and every experience we created is at the service of finding the right product for the customer.

Real Time Retail

Banks of screens surround the mezzanine, generating real-time information on ski resorts around the world, giving shoppers a visceral sense of the slopes and building excitement for their adventure ahead. The staff are an active part of the experience; we integrated their social feeds into the visual environment allowing them to inspire and guide the shopper.

Future Forward Retail

From brand strategy, design concept, to full production documentation, the new Snow+Rock store is a shrine to performance and future forward retailing.