UK Sport #feelpartofit

Bringing to life the #feelpartofit campaign

UK Sport is a government body that, among other things, helps promote sporting events within the UK.

They tasked us to create a visual campaign identity that brought alive #feelpartofit. The idea behind the campaign was to engage the 38% of people who tune into large sporting events like the Olympics and Wimbledon but drop off the radar in between. Ultimately, the campaign is designed to inspire the 38% to attend live events and feel part of the action.

Drawing from the emotions felt by spectators when attending live sports events, we created a campaign manifesto and a vivid identity. Dynamic patterns and vibrant colours form the basis of the identity whilst emotive imagery ties in the feelings of both athlete and spectator.

We’ve since worked with UK Sport to bring the campaign to life in two high-energy, action packed videos; one for the Taekwondo World Championships and one that can be used on an ongoing basis at multiple events to show the breadth of live sport that is on in the UK over the next few years.