Woven Image Brand Identity

Operating in territories as diverse as they are distant, the B2B design and interior finishes company Woven Image wanted to consolidate its brand identity in a way that also highlighted its use of environmentally-friendly textiles.

With this in mind, we developed a brand hierarchy to encompass the company’s new and existing products, and accompanied it with a vibrant visual language designed to work across multiple channels, cultures and languages. Consolidating the various elements of Woven Image’s identity across multiple channels of communication provided its customer base with an engaging shortcut to understanding the brand – whatever they spoke and wherever they lived.

With its green credentials firmly established and its product offerings realigned to present a singular vision across discrete markets throughout the world, Woven Image is now known as an approachable and forward-thinking modern player with a global reach – and a go-to brand in a crowded industry. After identifying what sets Woven Image apart from the rest, we made it our mission to tell the company’s story with a clear, compelling new identity and a fresh approach to how it interacts with customers.