Tinnitus UK Revitalising a lifeline organisation

The Brief

Tinnitus UK (formerly known as the British Tinnitus Association) has been the leading charity for Tinnitus research since 1979. They’re the key support network for those living with the condition, drivers in facilitating and supporting research and an essential voice of authority in the prevention of tinnitus.

Missouri was tasked to refresh their brand identity, deliver a new name, tone of voice and visual identity that would reflect their expertise while propelling their reach to more people living with tinnitus.

A closer look at the new visual identity

Missouri conducted an in-depth nationwide immersion into the condition to establish the centre of gravity and to unite each area of operation within the charity. This process played a vital role in shaping the visual and verbal identities. The naming process was collaborative approach involving research with the charity’s stakeholders.

Missouri recommended the name and strapline: ‘Tinnitus UK – Research, Support, Prevent’. The name puts tinnitus front and centre and the strapline is functional and provides clarity on the complex work that the organisation does.

Inspiration behind the logo design

The new Tinnitus UK visual identity communicates an approachable and engaging personality; an organisation that is collaborative and progressive. The logo displays the double ‘N’ in tinnitus to represent a soundwave and the disruption on sufferers’ daily lives. The ‘NN’ soundwave dynamic graphic asset can be used across touchpoints in different crops to add pace and interest to the brand’s visual language.

Client Testimonial

“The work we have created with Missouri ushers in a new era for us and will allow us to tap into new audiences and to reach more of the 7.6 million adults in the UK living with tinnitus. In turn, we are hopeful that it will help us reach our vision of creating a world where no one suffers from tinnitus. We are so excited to see where this new chapter takes us and we thank Missouri for their enthusiasm and hard work with us on this stage of our development.”

  • Caroline Savage, Interim CEO